Congratulations to our 2017-18 Award Winners, Hall of Fame Inductees, and College Committed Athletes!
Player of the Year
Alexandra "Beanz" Schmidt
Austin Franzen
Sportsmanship Award
Lilly Russell
Ryan Heffelfinger
Competitive Edge Award
Alexa Frankel
Jessica Clemons
Jayson Sevier
Reese Duncan

Passion Award
McKenna Rommel
Erin Puck
Adam Votroubek
Blake Sutton

Commitment Award
Joe and Lori Sedlock
A.J. Jones
Hall of Fame Inductees
Tanner, Turner, and Trey Morse
(accepting for Tanner and Turner were parents Dusty and Stacey Morse)
Nick Schebler
(accepting were parents Bill and Lisa)
BJ Luxmore
(accepting were parents Brenda and Leonard, wife Jamie, and son, Lane)

Congratulations to our 2015 Award Winners

Competitive Edge Award


  • Elizabeth Marty

  • Tyler Hansen

  • Nichole Nash

  • DeAngelo Ferrari

  • Avarie Eagle

Sportsmanship Award


  • Ashton Pecher

  • Ayden Weiman

  • Jordan Baughman

  • Kyli Newton

Player of The Year Award

  • Seth Adrian

  • Brooke Pyle

Legacy Players


  • Seth Adrian

  • Austin Schneider

  • Carson James

  • Kyli Newton

  • Emma Spurgetis

Luxmore Scholarship


  • Curt Notter

  • Chris Johnson

  • Al Wright

Tyson Blaser Commitment Award

  • Brandy Carter

  • Stroda Family

  • Nelms Family

Passion Award


  • Brady Hartman

  • Ruthie Neff

  • Chase Micklewright

  • Emma Spurgetis


2015 Awards